Metaphysical position of Nath philosophy

In the Siddhanta Vakya of Jalandhara we read

”-vande tannAthateho bhuvanatimiraha.m bhAnutejasphara.m vA sat.hkartR^ivyApaka.m tvA pavanagatikara.m vyomavannirbhara.m vA . mudrAnAdatrishUlairvimalaruchidhara.m kharpara.m bhasmamishra.m dvaita.m vA.advaitarUpa.m dvayata uta para.m yoginA.m sha~Nkara.m vA .. ‘l

This shows that the metaphysical position of the Nathas was not monistic, nor was it dualistic either. It was transcendental in the truest sense of the term. They speak of the Natha, the Absolute, as beyond the opposition involved in the concepts of Saguna and Nirguna or of Sakara and Nirakara. And so to them the Supreme End of Life is to realise oneself as Natha and to remain eternally fixed above the world of relations. The way to this realisation is stated to be Yoga, on which they lay great emphasis. It is held that Perfection can not be attained by any means unless it is supplemented by the disciplinary practices of Yoga.


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